Tailored Car Care

About Us

Your first call to us will ease the worry of repairing your vehicle with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We understand the concerns and inconvenience of trusting a repair facility given the amount of fraud and poor workmanship we see on a regular basis. That’s why we run our shop more like a doctor’s office than a garage and we have earned a reputation of being honest, thorough, and dependable. Take advantage of our office manager and her abilities when calling in. She can assist you with questions and scheduling. PLEASE consider that Don supervises repairs, estimates, 5 support staff members and over 4000 sq ft of work bays which makes it hard for him to come to the phone.

Most people to this day do not realize how complex a modern car is and yet most repair shops have little to no training, equipment, or experience with electronics. This is what causes shops to guess and throw parts at a problem which run up a huge bill and doesn’t fix the problem…. The customer is usually told that one thing “took out another thing” or “that was bad too”. Be extremely afraid of the companies that try to get you in the door by saying “Free Diagnostics” or “Free vehicle Inspections”. These are just ways to lure people in the door! Would you go to a doctor that said “Free diagnostics”?

August 2014;  After 22 years we have had to change our business hours to adapt to the demands of our work load in balance with employee moral. There is not enough time in a typical week to allow for continuing education, business management, research, maintenance and a mountain of paperwork that is required from a modern business. It's very true that things were much easier in days past but we will still be here more than 40 hours per week as usual. Thank You.
 Donald Walker - Owner

Don is a single father of two wonderful teenage kids and a Florida native that graduated from North Marion High School after becoming captivated with mechanics and diagnostic work under instructor Bob Phillips. He was awarded the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America’s state skills competition first and third place medals at the age of 16 and 17 for auto repair. He began working as an apprentice for Chevrolet, moved to Ford under Phillip Woods and then to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office fleet services. After that he branched out independently by founding Tailored Car Care where he did diagnostic work and repairs for various garages and customers. Clientele grew quickly and he leased a single bay of the current location working 6-7 days per week until he expanded by adding employees and purchasing the building that has been home since Feb 1992. Without a sign or advertising for over 20 years, quality work and customer referrals have kept us going.

The majority of our business is diagnosis and analysis of electronics systems on cars. To stay current and fluent on this path, Don has continued education and been a part of the evolution of the modern car. From feedback carburetors to gas direct injected vehicles and Hybrids, he has acquired the skills and knowledge to diagnose the advancements required of a modern technician. Besides the automotive training he has also attended CFCC for Electronics Engineering and was self-taught in computer programming for automotive fuel and air delivery systems. He has earned more than 100 Certificates in various automotive courses and has been an ASE Master Mechanic for over 20 years. L1 Advanced Level diagnostic status was obtained early in his career and certificates and training were also added in welding, fabrication, and security systems.

After more than 20 years he still enjoys this line of work and every day’s challenges. He says its like running a very hectic fast paced ER for cars :)

Don’s hobbies don’t include anything with cars ironically, he enjoys teaching, fishing, boating, exploring Florida’s natural wonders, and photography.
Most people would also be surprised to know he was a competitive bodybuilder and he still considers the gym home away from home.